Finally a New Position

I have been looking for a position for a while. The ideal one would be part time so I can continue with my other interests and pay my bills. I talked to Debbie, my former manager and she said she was swamped with work. So, I casually mentioned that she should hire me to manage […]

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On November 11, 2009, posted in: Events by

Cast and Crew Party of Keen Parallax

Today was the cast and crew party for Keen Parallax as we have finished the principal shooting. It was a successful shooting and now the post remain to finish up. Editing will mostly be done by myself and Brian. Once we have the first cut of the editing done, I will post it somewhere to […]

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On October 3, 2009, posted in: Events by

How Photoshop saved my day

This is my story how Photoshop saved my day (ok, technically not CS4 but CS3). My mother passed away over 25 years ago due to cancer. Even as a middle aged man, I miss her terribly. About 10 years ago, my father gave me his slide projector and inside were slides of my parent’s wedding. […]

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On September 6, 2009, posted in: Photography by

Keen Parallax Shooting Day #5

This afternoon, we shot our second to the last day for Keen Parallax. Only one more day of shooting to go. We met up at the downtown San Jose, front of the Federal Court building, across from St. James Park. This is the scene where the theatre attendees’ head turn in to animals. This was […]

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Best sandwich ever?

I am a big foodie, as you can probably tell. I watch both FoodTV and Travel channels constantly. I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservation one day and he was in San Francisco. One of the food he tried was this sandwich from a grocery store in the Mission District. I said, I […]

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On September 3, 2009, posted in: Foodie by

Keen Parallax Shooting day #4

We spent a quick afternoon shooting the Keen Parallax. We shot basically two shots, both indoor at a home in Millbrae. I found out that the place belongs to one of the actresses. One scene involved a bed and two women doing the coke. The second scene was a crucifix where Jesus is bleeding tears. […]

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On August 23, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by

Keen Parallax shooting day #3

I missed a couple of days of shooting for Keen Parallax. Today I had to show because Brian was missing a few people for the shoot. We needed to reshoot some of the scenes from the past because of the continuity problem. We were able to do the shoots smoothly and left for another scene […]

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On August 2, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by

Keen Parallax shooting day #2

Today we shot few more scenes from Keen Parallax. Brian wanted to do a indoor shoot in his garage but the set looked terrible and I advised him not to shoot that scenes. The scene was a crucial scene in the movie and having a bunch of packing foam use as floor just didn’t look […]

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On July 12, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by

New iPhone 3GS

OK, I broke down and bought the new iPHone 3GS. I wasn’t going to buy it for several reasons. First, my eligibility for a new phone on my account wasn’t until December of this year, so I would have to give them $200 extra just to buy the new phone. I didn’t really have the […]

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Computer Paper?

I went to a Walmart to shop around a bit and found this banner at one of the the isles. Hmm, computer paper? Since when does computer actually use paper? Shouldn’t it be printer paper? When I checked out the signs at other stores, they were marked at printer paper, not computer paper. This made […]

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On July 7, 2009, posted in: Uncategorized by