Keen Parallax Shooting

Today was first day shooting for Keen Parallax, the production I am working with Brian for my Film Maker Meetup group. This is our first production and I hope we can get this shot quickly we can edit it and post it up somewhere. The ultimate goal for this Trailer film is to get funding […]

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The Fall Risk at San Gregorio General Store

After the Meetup lunch, I drove over the hill to the coast. At the San Gregorio general store, my friend Matt and Jeff launched their new band, The Fall Risk. Matt and Jeff have played together as Twain and Pehrson a long time ago. Jeff went to find Box Set, which was very popular locally […]

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Who’s Got Your Back?

My friend Jeff called me about this free seminar that was offered in San Francisco. It was a book tour by Keith Ferrazzi and his latest book is called Who’s Got Your Back? The book is about building a network of special friends using some of the techniques he developed. It was a half business […]

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Again, only in California

As I was driving on the freeway, I saw this working truck for a ironwork company. Back of was this logo, a periodic table sign Fe, the iron. I thought this guy must be a geek to display this type of sign. I love living in California for the diversity and specially the Silicon Valley […]

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Fundamental Rules in Managing Products

Over the years, I have learned a few things about managing products from concept to grave. One of the most ignored rules is the three legs of managing products: Cost, Time-to-Market and Quality. The rule is that you can achieve one or two of the three well but can not have all three. One must […]

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As I was on the way back home from Carson City, I realize that the only thing I will miss about visiting there is the Chorizo. There is a large Basque population near Carson City so there are a few Basque restaurants around, including my favorite restaurant in the area, Villa Basque Deli and Café. […]

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Economy of Scale + Innovation = Winner

People often wonder why companies like GM is in trouble today. Everyone has opinions, like not being innovative, not understand customers or even too arrogant to understand what is happening in the world. Most of that is true but in my opinion, they didn’t have a choice, they are forced in to their situation because […]

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Star Trek: The Movie

Tonight, my sister invited me to watch the opening show for Star Trek: The Movie. Of course, being a total geek, I accepted the invitation, specially it included a good sushi dinner. I fully expected the theater to be full 30 minutes before the show, although it was in Oakland, not exactly hotbed of geekdom. […]

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Extending the PLC of a Mature Product

Ordinary, a product line goes through a life cycle, known as Product Life Cycle (PLC). The product will go through introduction phase, growth phase, maturity phase then the decline phase. Every product goes through some form of this cycle, whether it’s a year or 30 years. One interesting area is the maturity phase. This is […]

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High Water Blues Band Live

Today, my friend’s band High Water Blues Band, performed at a yacht club in San Francisco and I was invited to come and take some pictures for their publicity. The situation was not ideal, as the lighting was not optimal and there were limited area where the pictures could be take. I did my best […]

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