Google versus Apple

Google recently announced Google Sync, an ability to sync Calendar and Contact to iPhone and Windows Mobile, stayed under the radar for the most part. However, this is a significant announcement. Google Sync now allows syncing of data from their Calendar and Contact apps between multiple sources, desktop, web and portable devices. Why is so […]

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Cool sink

I went to the new library that just opened up in Milpitas. It was a nice library and I hope to make more use of it in the future. I went in to the restroom and found this sink. I thought it was the coolest sink I have ever seen in a public restroom. That’s […]

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Maturing Web

Typically, an industry goes through certain phases. First phase is the discovering phase where people find out about the new product or service and initiate the growth of the industry. Some of these industry started out in early stages, like Benz or Ford for the automobile industry or TWA for the airline industry. Some of […]

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Surviving Home Invasion

Today I had an life changing experience. I had someone break in to my house, in broad daylight, while I was still inside. I was in my office at home working on my computer, I heard the garage door. Since I live alone, the door should not activate, unless it’s malfunctioning. So, I went to […]

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Making a Light Stand with PVC pipes

I got in to a project kick lately and decided to build a light stand to take pictures of objects. I am not going to get in to details of all the parts like I did with the reflector stand. Here are what is needed in general for this. I used 1.5” PVC pipes for […]

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Red Mango at Valley Fair & Branding Thoughts

Today, I went to Red Mango frozen yogurt opening at the Valley Fair Shopping Center for it’s grand opening. This is second store owned by my friend Yul Kwon and I had to show up to support his effort. As I walked in, there was a line of about 100+ people lined up to get […]

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Microsoft announces media services like Apple

I just heard a news that MS announced some software/service much like iTunes and MobileMe from Apple. All I can say is, it’s about time. Would it be the killer app they need? Let’s explore the details, little that is known at this time. Apparently, they are announcing three products, according to "SkyBox" is […]

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Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

The other day, I went to a local supermarket to shop and saw this Wienermobile parked out in front. I was pleasantly surprised by this. I was under the impression that they no longer had these out roaming the road. Oscar Mayer brand, which is owned by Kraft Foods, has been around for a while […]

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Making a reflector stand for about $20*

I was looking around for a reflector stand to use indoors or outdoors on a photo shoot. Most of the stands cost at least $150 or more. With the current economical situation, and not having a job at the moment, I couldn’t justify buying one. So, I look to the Internet and decided to make […]

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Palm Pre and the WebOS

This week at CES, Palm announced their new OS, dubbed WebOS and a new phone that uses it, called Palm Pre. I have been hearing some good press aobut it’s abilities. Many were very impressed about the features and function of the phone and some are calling it a legitimate competitor to the iPhone. It […]

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