Unions and Accountability

Of all the major sports, baseball has most subjective interpretation of the rules than any other sports. More often than not, balls and strikes are argued, although it’s technically against the rule to do so. Thanks to the instant replay on TV, it shows how many times the umpires are wrong on their calls. While […]

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On June 14, 2011, posted in: Observation by

Apple Fanboi’s Justification

People ask me why I am such a fan for Apple.  Almost everything I use is made by Apple: iMac, iPhone and soon to be iPad, etc. I have been using a Mac since 128K original Macs. Yes, it does cost more. However, it’s more than just style and function. It’s all about Apple. Recently, […]

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On January 29, 2011, posted in: Observation by

Random thoughts

What a weather we are having today. Sunny, warm in the 80s with no wind and 32% humidity. That’s why I live in California, despite the high taxes, more fees than most states and highest unemployment rate in the nation. This weather beats them all, and also the steadfast, isolated liberalism, despite the national trends […]

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On November 3, 2010, posted in: Observation by