Off to Malaysia and Singapore

Tomorrow, I will be leaving to Malaysia and Singapore for about 10 days. I needed to getaway since it’s been forever for me to take some time off and travel. I was also thinking about going to India or Costa Rica but I chose Malaysia mainly for food and sites. I am excited to be […]

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Keen Parallax Shooting day #4

We spent a quick afternoon shooting the Keen Parallax. We shot basically two shots, both indoor at a home in Millbrae. I found out that the place belongs to one of the actresses. One scene involved a bed and two women doing the coke. The second scene was a crucifix where Jesus is bleeding tears. […]

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Keen Parallax shooting day #3

I missed a couple of days of shooting for Keen Parallax. Today I had to show because Brian was missing a few people for the shoot. We needed to reshoot some of the scenes from the past because of the continuity problem. We were able to do the shoots smoothly and left for another scene […]

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