Keen Parallax shooting day #2

Today we shot few more scenes from Keen Parallax. Brian wanted to do a indoor shoot in his garage but the set looked terrible and I advised him not to shoot that scenes. The scene was a crucial scene in the movie and having a bunch of packing foam use as floor just didn’t look good.

We decided to do a scene involving Allie receiving bad news about Drew. Also, we shot the young Drew and Allie’s outdoor scenes involving Drew’s propsal. It was a bit of a hike up to the bridge where Brian had picked for the scene but the lighting was perfect when we got up there and we got some great shots.

I won’t be able to make the next Sunday’s shoot so I left my camera with Brian to shoot with others. I hope nothing happens to the camera.

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New iPhone 3GS

OK, I broke down and bought the new iPHone 3GS. I wasn’t going to buy it for several reasons. First, my eligibility for a new phone on my account wasn’t until December of this year, so I would have to give them $200 extra just to buy the new phone. I didn’t really have the money to go buy it. Lastly, I was so mad at AT&T for their services, I wasn’t going to give them 2 more years of my subscription.

The primary problem I have is that I don’t get a consistent connection of phone services at home. Often I have to use the landline, otherwise I get disconnected.

However, I found a solution that worked out. My sister, whom I gave my original iPhone, was eligible for an update. I talked to AT&T and they said she can buy the phone and give me the new phone for me to use. That worked out since I will give my 3G phone to her then I will use the 3GS. She will be extending her services for 2 more years, which she said it was OK. However, she would have to upgrade the plan, $10 more per month for the 3G coverage data plan. I would have to subsidize her on the difference. Even then, I came out ahead and I can still drop AT&T if Apple decides to go to Verizon after December of this year. 

I do like the phone better. It seems faster, which is what I needed since after the OS3.0 upgrade the 3G slowed down a bit for me. Also, the 16GB was filled up and the 32GB will give me some headroom as far as the storage. Woohoo, more songs to add to the phone!

Thanks sis for doing it for me.

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Computer Paper?

I went to a Walmart to shop around a bit and found this banner at one of the the isles. Hmm, computer paper? Since when does computer actually use paper? Shouldn’t it be printer paper?

When I checked out the signs at other stores, they were marked at printer paper, not computer paper. This made me think about how up to date those marketing folks in Arkansas are. I don’t mean to be picky but I would think multi billion dollar company like Walmart would have people sophisticated enough to distinguish between the computer paper and printer paper.

If we think about the predictions from the mid 1990s were that the computer and the network would bring a paperless office. Everything would be done digitally and printing would not be necessary. Of course this did not occur but if we were to be a near paperless society, should we not separate the computer from printer, as far as papers go?

Just a curiously thought on my part.

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