New Web Site

I am moving my web site from iWeb to WordPress. The site will be up and running shortly.

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On August 31, 2013, posted in: News by

Shame on you US Air

I read an article about a New Mexico football player DeShon Marman being arrested for “not following the orders of the pilot” last week. He was led off the plane and was arrested in San Francisco because he refused to pull up his pants when asked. His side of the story, he just left a […]

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On June 22, 2011, posted in: Rants by

Unions and Accountability

Of all the major sports, baseball has most subjective interpretation of the rules than any other sports. More often than not, balls and strikes are argued, although it’s technically against the rule to do so. Thanks to the instant replay on TV, it shows how many times the umpires are wrong on their calls. While […]

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On June 14, 2011, posted in: Observation by

Starting again

It’s been almost six months since my last blog. It’s about time I stepped it up. Life’s been busy and finally I am working so that’s the good news. I am working as an Executive Director for a non profit organization called Asia America MultiTechnology Association. It’s a networking organization for high tech and clean […]

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On June 12, 2011, posted in: News by

Apple Fanboi’s Justification

People ask me why I am such a fan for Apple.  Almost everything I use is made by Apple: iMac, iPhone and soon to be iPad, etc. I have been using a Mac since 128K original Macs. Yes, it does cost more. However, it’s more than just style and function. It’s all about Apple. Recently, […]

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On January 29, 2011, posted in: Observation by

Truly a Geek Story

So, I went to MacWorld Expo yesterday. I had registered a year early when they gave out a free pass to those who attended 2010. I was nervous because I did not get my pass in the mail, so I sent out an email to the organizers of the show and they said I had […]

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On January 28, 2011, posted in: News, Travel by


I have been lacking on blogs because I just moved from San Jose to San Mateo. 2010 has been a trying year and I needed to simplify my life and restart my career and personal life. I have moved in with a friend so I can save some money and decide on what I want […]

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On December 20, 2010, posted in: News by

Video of my Asia Trip

I finally had time to put together video of my trip to Malaysia, Singapore and Korea. Enjoy.

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On November 16, 2010, posted in: Travel by

Random thoughts

What a weather we are having today. Sunny, warm in the 80s with no wind and 32% humidity. That’s why I live in California, despite the high taxes, more fees than most states and highest unemployment rate in the nation. This weather beats them all, and also the steadfast, isolated liberalism, despite the national trends […]

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On November 3, 2010, posted in: Observation by

Making Better Remote for DSLR

As I said before, I just bought the Canon 5D Mk II camera. I love the camera both for full sensor photography and full HD 1080p video it provides. I have put together a shoulder rig for the camera, along with things like the HDMI based video screen, digital audio recorder, etc. One thing about […]

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On September 8, 2010, posted in: Crafts by