Computer Paper?

I went to a Walmart to shop around a bit and found this banner at one of the the isles. Hmm, computer paper? Since when does computer actually use paper? Shouldn’t it be printer paper?

When I checked out the signs at other stores, they were marked at printer paper, not computer paper. This made me think about how up to date those marketing folks in Arkansas are. I don’t mean to be picky but I would think multi billion dollar company like Walmart would have people sophisticated enough to distinguish between the computer paper and printer paper.

If we think about the predictions from the mid 1990s were that the computer and the network would bring a paperless office. Everything would be done digitally and printing would not be necessary. Of course this did not occur but if we were to be a near paperless society, should we not separate the computer from printer, as far as papers go?

Just a curiously thought on my part.

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