Keen Parallax shooting day #3

I missed a couple of days of shooting for Keen Parallax. Today I had to show because Brian was missing a few people for the shoot. We needed to reshoot some of the scenes from the past because of the continuity problem. We were able to do the shoots smoothly and left for another scene in San Leandro.

I was able to use the new Digital Audio Recorder I purchased from the eBay. It worked beautifully with the supplied mics but with an external mics, the volume was too low. This may be due to either not enough power to power the mic or impedance mismatch (high Z versus low Z). So, it looks like I need to shop for a portable mixer to go with this recorder.

The final shoot took a while to get it done. The lighting and prop setup took a while. Overall, the scenes came out nicely and the audio was good using Ray’s set up but I was exhausted at the end of 6 hours of shooting. One more shoot to go then post production begins.

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