Who’s Got Your Back?

My friend Jeff called me about this free seminar that was offered in San Francisco. It was a book tour by Keith Ferrazzi and his latest book is called Who’s Got Your Back? The book is about building a network of special friends using some of the techniques he developed. It was a half business and half self help type of book.

After starting almost 45 minutes late, he spent about 2 hours giving examples from his book. I didn’t buy the book but looked through the pamphlet he gave to everyone and listened to him during the talk. I found it to be a bit light on substance. I believe that I am a good networker and have some good relationships with people close to me. I don’t know if I need this book to make it that much better. I am not saying that the book is useless, I am sure it’s a revelation for some people. I am saying for my experience, it’s not something that is revolutionary.

It was a sleek presentation, sponsored by University of Phoenix, where I have taught in the past. I think this person is one of the lecturer there and they decided to sponsor him. We got some interesting things to talk about and had an interesting dinner at a local Thai noodle place. There we met a young couple from Belgium traveling around the West Coast. It’s always interesting see how Europeans see the world news. We had some interesting discussions while eating.

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