The Fall Risk at San Gregorio General Store

After the Meetup lunch, I drove over the hill to the coast. At the San Gregorio general store, my friend Matt and Jeff launched their new band, The Fall Risk. Matt and Jeff have played together as Twain and Pehrson a long time ago. Jeff went to find Box Set, which was very popular locally for a while with another Jeff.

Recently, they decided to get together and start a new band, with their friends Mark and Eddie as drummer and bass player, respectively. Then Jeff Ballard, another friend, joined in playing harmonica. It’s just a lovefest then these guys get together.

Well, despite not having much time to practice, they sounded great. The sound and harmony was tight, albeit a few mistakes here and there. The energy was very high and everyone who showed up enjoyed the music.

They mostly played old Twain and Pehrson music and Box Set music. During the music, someone casting talent for local Comcast cable show wanted to meet the band. I introduced him to Jeff and hopefully they connect up and arrange for a session on TV. I think they will continue to play around the bay and I hope they succeed at what they love to do.

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