Keen Parallax Shooting

Today was first day shooting for Keen Parallax, the production I am working with Brian for my Film Maker Meetup group. This is our first production and I hope we can get this shot quickly we can edit it and post it up somewhere. The ultimate goal for this Trailer film is to get funding for a full shoot. We will see.

Brian insisted shooting in HD so I am using my little Canon camera. The camera shoots very clear HD video but it lacks some adjustments the pro or prosumer cameras have. I will have to be creative to get some shots.

Brian is a writer but he is not as prepared as a director and I hope we can get this organized better so we can do more efficiently. The scenes we did were three indoor scenes involving the young and old Drew characters. We also did an outdoor scene.

In the evening we did a old Drew and a young girl scene in an alley. Despite a police stopping by to inquire and cold weather, everyone pitched in and got the scenes finished.

There is another shooting next Sunday.

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