BRIC versus PIGS

Welcome to the world of acronyms. For many years, business world has been focusing on the new economic power houses, BRIC or better known as Brazil, Russia, India and China. These countries were the next super growth area, based on the population, industries and potential. Now I find out that there is a new set […]

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Consolidation of Industries

There were several announcements recently that got me thinking. There is an acceleration of consolidation in high tech industry going on today. First Cisco announced that they will be making their own servers to sell to their customers. Then there is the on and off relationship between IBM and Sun. Amazon entered the ebook market […]

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Yet another birthday

Tomorrow is my 47th birthday. So, my family decided to take me out to lunch today. We met at Asian Pearl in Fremont, one of the best dimsum places around here. The is very good and the price you can’t beat. I asked my father if he had any connection with someone at a university […]

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Meetup with Film Makers Unite

Today was my Meetup of South Bay Film Makers Unite group. This was actually first time I had chance to get a meeting going. I had no agenda so I didn’t know what to expect from the group. I had 6 people show up and I was more than impressed with the credential of the […]

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Inventory Level at Retailers

I recently visited local Fry’s Electronics to purchase some CD-R media. As with everyone else, I am cutting down on spending due the economy and only bought what I came for, besides a Coca Cola that quenched my thirst. I observed something a bit different. There were room in the aisles in the store. Typically, […]

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An item from the past

A while back, during the mid -90s, there was a company called Catapult who made a hardware and software game based product called XBAND. A friend worked there and what they tried to do was provide means for people to play console games, specifically Nintendo and Sega Dreamcast, against others online. Of course, this is […]

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An Apple item no one heard of

A long time ago, I came upon a very unique item. I think it was around 1987 or 1988. The item was a hard disk drive (HDD) made by Apple. They were prototypes and my friend, who since passed away, gave it to me as a present. Not too many people know that Apple was […]

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Customer support cutback

Times are tough everywhere. You can tell by the financial reports you get from companies. You can also tell by the number of layoffs announced by even most profitable companies. So, as a CEO, who do you lay off? Typically, the layoff comes from service organizations (i.e. non profit generating area of the company), like […]

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Holes on the rock

The past weekend, I visited my friend in Carson City, Nevada. I have been there many times before and know the city pretty well by now. He took me to a place near by his house for the first time. It was off the main road a bit and some off road motorcyclists were racing […]

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Microsoft opening retail stores

Today, Microsoft announced that they will be opening their own stores around the country. Apparently, they hired David Porter, ex-Wal-Mart manager and a former executive at DreamWorks Animation house, to get them started. Well, I am not sure if this experiment will work. They tried a retail store a few years ago in San Francisco […]

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