Finally, I cut my hair for charity

Today, my friend Nicole cut my hair for Locks of Love. I have been growing for about 18-20 months and it grew to about 12” at the longest. I would have gotten there earlier but it seems every time I showered, I lost a clump of hair. Usually for men, that’s a bad news but […]

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Sherwin at Ask a Scientist

Tonight, my best friend Sherwin was invited to speak in San Francisco at an event called Ask a Scientist. His work in water reclamation was a great interest to many in San Francisco it seems. I came to mostly to support him but also to help him out. I was the one who ran the […]

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My New Photo Web Site

I finally found some time to get my photo web site up and running. It’s called Benjamin Park Studio and it’s just starting. I have a few pictures up from my past and a couple of series from my recent photo shoots. I hope to do more of them and put them on the web […]

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Election 2008: Part 2

There were a few propositions on the ballot this year, some very important and some not. The most important one for California was the Proposition 8, banning same sex marriage in California. I heard that many of the our of state people put up to $ 70 million to get this passed. First thing I […]

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Election 2008

The election is finally over and I am glad. I never had so many phone calls and mailers in my life for an election. Of course I voted. I didn’t have much time this year to do much research. I did it all the night before. I had a good idea how to vote on […]

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Spring Awakening

Today, I went to Spring Awakening with my friend Chris. This show is the last show for the season and I have not renewed, so it may be the last show I will watch for a while. Spring Awakening won the Tony for best musical in 2007. It was based on a German book on […]

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Poker night full of bad beats

I don’t play poker that often anymore. I do enjoy playing though. I have had a good streak playing real life tournament. I have a pretty good read on people and have been successful recently. I have won the last 4 tournaments I have played and I have played well as being a bit lucky. […]

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Reality of the Venture World

Jeff and I have been hitting a few VCs that I know to pitch our idea to assess the viability of our product and company. I told Jeff in advance that the chances for us getting funds from VC was slim, specially the amount Jeff was looking for. After talking to a few, Jeff found […]

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Dinner with Nvidia CEO

I had a privilege of having a dinner with Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia. I won’t get in to the detail on how I got to meet him because I promised that person I wouldn’t talk about it. He was a fascinating person to meet. I pitched the idea of my new company to him […]

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A Bronx Tale

Well, it’s second from last show from my Broadway season and I went to the Golden Gate Theater to see A Bronx Tale. This is not a musical. I usually like to go in to a show without any preconceived notions. I like to see it for myself and judge it’s merit solely on my […]

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