Debate on Illegal Alien

So, I usually browse through a Karaoke forum and typically it’s almost all about karaoke topics or something silly. I usually read through some of them and leave some post when someone asks for help on something I know about. Last week, someone posted a article about how our government is considering building a wall around our souther borders to keep the illegal aliens out of our country.

Well, that got some debate going and I was surprised how many of the conservative types are on there spewing some near racist remarks. I just couldn’t stand by so I got involved. I tried to civil and presented concise and logical manner of why I am opposed to this, mainly because of the economical reasons.

I have learned from countries like France who tried to do this and failed because there are some jobs that locals just wouldn’t take for the kind of pay they are getting. So, someone has to fill these jobs otherwise the economy may not grow robustly.

There was one woman from Oregon who just didn’t seem to like Mexicans and while she insisted she’s not a racist, “they” are taking over Oregon, getting all the benefits like getting Drivers License and food stamps and being an economical burden on the state.

I did a quick research and this is what I found out and posted the facts. First, Oregon state requires someone to have a social security number to receive a drivers license or social services, like food stamp. It says so right there on the Oregon state’s web site. Yet the opponents insists that it’s a lie, anyone can get a license in Oregon. Hmm, this got me fuming because I am stating facts yet they choose to ignore it.

Then I did some more research, this time looked at the total number of illegal aliens in Oregon and how much the state of Oregon is losing in benefits to these illegal aliens. On their state web site, they are saying less than 2.5% of the total population in Oregon is illegal and the total amount they are “losing” is less than 0.012% of total state budget, less than $12 million on $11.7 billion budget. And they are saying that the illegal aliens are taking over Oregon?

It turned out that many of them are biased and down right racist. They were not thinking logically and lumping all immigrants together as undesirables, although they insist they are not. I even caught them admitting to some of the sentimental without actually coming out and admit to it.

Through out the discussion, I presented facts from US government web site, state web site and reputable news agencies yet they call all these facts lies. They were accusing me of being making up facts! I mean I got them right off the government web site and they are calling me a liar for presenting those facts

One thing I learned from this, people who are narrow minded and prejudiced will not listen to logic. They believe what they see as the truth and they think it’s the truth for everyone. I am sad to know that there are a lot of people like this in this country.

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