Hollywood waits for us

About a month ago, I got a call from someone from Hollywood Covered Magazine. She was the editor for the magazine and she saw one of my press release and she thought it was a great idea for us to sponsor her magazine’s first anniversary party.  It was way too much for our budget but I talked her down to a reasonable price. The sponsorship included 4 entrances to 3 parties that went on last Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. We would have had a booth set up for Friday night and we would record some interviews to be used on the site.

Well, it was just a mess as far as organization goes. I didn’t even find out where the events will be until the day before. I didn’t even know what I could have brought with me to the parties so I ended up bringing less than what I needed. It turned out that instead of Friday night, we were to set up on Saturday night for the booth.

I had a blast but learned some interesting differences between us “normal” people and the Hollywood types. They are definitely there to look and to be seen. They don’t care about anything else but meeting those who are hot, important or famous. Otherwise, you get no time with them, specially the women. Yes, there were a lot of incredible looking women there in short little dresses.

We managed to get about 10 people to say interesting things on camera and I am slowly putting them on the site. Some more pictures from the event.

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