Billy Joel at the Oracle Arena

Saturday night was magical. One of my favorite artist, Billy Joel, was in town and I did everything I can to get tickets for this event. I managed to get 16th row tickets on the main floor. It was raining hard but that didn’t dampen my spirit. He played at the Oracle Arena and the whole place was filled and was rocking. My friend Claire was a bit late so we missed half of the first song but the rest of the concert made up for it.

He is an amazing person, not only as a song writer and singer but as a total entertainer and performer. He does it with very little effort, which shows how talented he is.

He played for almost 2.5 hours non-stop and I don’t remember sitting down the whole time. It was really a great experience. He did some older songs and some familiar song. He did two encores, Italian Restaurant and You May be Right. Of course he closed the night with Piano Man as a second encore, which is the song I sing when I am out singing Karaoke and my favorite song. I am shamed to admit that it’s the only song I know the lyric from the beginning to the end.

Here are some other pictures from the show. Highly recommended for those of use who are in the boomer generation.

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