Thanksgiving Dinner

As usual, we had our family Thanksgiving dinner at one of my uncle’s house. We had a mix of traditional turkey and ham, along with mashed potatoes and stuffing smothered in gravy. However, we also had some Korean food mixed in, which makes it very interesting and very, very good. I stuffed myself but not as much as I could have. I learned my lessons from the past, ate as much as I can without getting that feeling of eating too much.

We also played traditional poker, no limit Texas Hold’em tournament, with 9 people total. I started out slow, at one point was the short stack with four players. However, patience paid off and I won the whole thing. I played well and got some decent cards. I am definitely getting better at this. I think I have the skills to do this full time but I just don’t have the luck to turn pro.  We will see.

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