Photoshop CS3 Power Tour

Today I attended Photoshop CS3 Power Tour seminar, presented by Kelby Training and hosted by Nation Society of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). This is a teaser training program from them, presented by Dave Cross, who is one of three guys who hosts of Photoshop User Podcast. It was only $99 but it was worth every penny from my point of view.

It covered a lot of basics of CS3 Photoshop but a lot of really neat tricks. I found some things I would never have thought of doing but can be done in a few key strokes and mouse clicks. Unfortunately, they ran out of the materials so they will be mailing them out later. I wish I had those so I can practice so many of the tips I have learned right away.

The timing for the class was perfect for me because I am getting back in to serious photography and Photoshop is a must for the new digital age. Things I used to do in the darkroom can now be done with Photoshop. I never realized how great the program is until I saw someone who knows what to do really use it’s full potential. I was in awe and excited at the same time.

I would definitely recommend this class to everyone from newbies to competent Photoshop users.

Hmm, may be I should go buy some Adobe stock soon.

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