Slow Responses to a Change

Why is that companies just can’t keep up with changing technologies? I understand it takes time to make changes to products but sometimes it takes way too long. Yes, I am impatient at times but I don’t like using some products, specially hardware products, as a door stop until it works again.

Case in point, Dymo, the label maker people. I owned LabelWriter Duo for a over a year. I love the product because it saves me tons of time. For example, if I want to send a mail to a friend, I open the application, select the address from the address book app, then print. Done!

So, when I saw their ad for the new DiscPainter that allows you to print on a printable CD or DVD I got on the waiting list to buy the product. What a great concept. I have an Epson inkjet printer I bought just to print on CDs and DVDs but it never worked well. Again, another time saving device.

Then the problem started. Apple released new Leopard OS X operating system. Of course, being an Apple Fan boi, I went and bought it the day it was released and upgraded my machines. Well, it broke my LabelWriter Duo. I sent in a request and was told to get on a list of being notified when the new compatible program was available. Well, I thought at least the DiscPainter just got released so it must be compatible, since no where on their web site said it was not, I put in an order a couple of weeks later.

So I waited for two weeks and no DiscPainter. I called up and was told that it was on back order but Amazon has them in stock. I put in an order at Amazon. When it arrived, again no Leopard compatibility. It’s been over a month since Leopard release!

Now I had two door stops in my hand because neither of them works with my system, one of them brand new! OK, I know it takes times to write a new code for a new OS but the Leopard has been announced for several months and I know at least two beta has been released to developers during that time. Almost all of my software is now not only Leopard compatible but takes advantage of Leopard features.

To add insult to injury, I checked out the DiscPainter software and it was not written by Dymo, it was written by company called MagicMouse. When I checked their site, their product is Leopard compatible and has been for a while it seems. So, why can’t they product a Dymo version that works with Leopard?

I am totally frustrated. I have learned my lesson. Always, support companies who are dedicated to Mac platform, even if it means paying more. That way I avoid frustrations in the future.

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