Joys of cooking

Last night I went to my friend Maureen’s place and cooked dinner for her and her mother. Maureen is my ex who was in a bad car accident and is confined to wheelchair with a broken spinal cord. Once in a while I go there to cook for them or have dinner with them. This time I wanted to try my new recipe.

I made the appetizer and main dish, they came up with salad and desert. My appetizer was a crab salad served on a ring of avocado and a slice of Asian pear. The crab salad was mix of crab meat, roasted pine nuts, sliced sweet pickles and Jicama, with mayo/dijon mustard mixture.

Dinner was spiced soy sauce marinated pork chop with apricot/pomegranate sauce. I made fresh yam with marshmallows and edamame, along with roasted white asparagus and sauteed mini carrots.

It actually turned out to be not too bad. This will be added to my growing recipe for the future.

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