The Odd Couple at Broadway West

Today I attended the Odd Couple, a Neil Simon comedy, at the Broadway West. I went to see the show because of a friend who was in it. She and I went on a couple of dates and I wanted to see her in the play. This was a one of three Sunday matinees with a brunch. It wasn’t anything special but was a decent brunch.

The cast seems to all locals and the performance was actually quite good. It was funny, albeit without the polished edges of professionals, but totally entertaining. I would recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Neil Simon’s work.

Interesting cast was the role of Felix. He was very good at the role but after being used to seeing Tony Randall in the series and Jack Lemmon in the movie, I thought physically the role was not a good fit. However, the actor pulled it off with a good acting. The actor who played Oscar over played the role a bit but overall it was a good production for a such small production company.

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