Steph’s Birthday Party

I went to my friend Steph’s birthday party in San Francisco. It was at her boyfriend/fiance’s place in the Mission district. I have been there before but never seen their basement or the backyard. It’s great place for a party. I stayed until it was time to take BART back before they stop running. Of course I am all about the food. The ice cream, which we went to pick up from a shop around the corner, was heavenly.

I brought my camera and had a chance to take some pictures before a lot of people arrived. Some of the new pictures are in my photo exhibit area. There were a few people who showed up. They had a setup for a band in the basement since most of them were musicians. They jammed for a while.

I met some interesting people at the party. One of the woman was in the Beach Blanket Babylon in the city and when she sang, I can see why they chose her.

Well, my fortune continues to be bad in women’s department. I think I met my soulmate at the party. I thought she was attractive, cool, good attitude and we liked similar things. I had long conversation with her throughout the night and I really fell for her. Unfortunately, she’s engaged to someone who was at the party. Oh well, life goes on.

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