Fifth Annual Karaoke Party at Matt’s

My best friend Matt has this Karaoke parties at his place once a year. This year, it was last night. Usually, we have 20-30 people show up and we sing until the wee hours of the morning, last two years going until 4 AM and 5 AM. We even grab a breakfast before passing out until the afternoon.

This was no exception but I had to leave early around 3 AM since today I had to drive some out of towners to Napa and play chauffeur.  We had a great time as usual and this year, it was easier for me because Matt did half the work as a KJ. That freed me to socialize, eat and drink. I had a great time. It was even more special since Sherwin, our other best friend, was able to attend for the first time. It was great having all of together for the first time in a while. Sherwin even sang with me, which is an event by itself!

What’s even more incredible, as if it can’t get any stranger, was that I saw someone who I haven’t seen in 20 years. Allen was in my fraternity a couple of years before I joined. He was an adviser when I was there. I haven’t seen him since college and I knew he went to a dental school. It turned out that he was Matt’s dentist. What a small world.

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