The 3G iPhone announced

OK, I am an Apple fanboy. You know I have an iPhone. I paid the full price and got that $100 coupon at Apple Store. I love my iPhone despite all the short comings. When there were rumors that there is a 3G iPhone, I just couldn’t wait for it. I was sure that it will be something that is beyond this world.

Well, disappointment city. First, I thought the phone would be available today. It seems that I have to wait until July to get the new phone. The only features that made me excited about were application store, GPS and more memory. I only had the 8GB iPhone and I filled that up pretty quickly with just the music. The 3G connection is pretty sweet but it seems it’s only about 2x faster than current solution.

I will have to wait to see what kind of Application is available on this. I am waiting patiently……

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