Today was the day two of KINCON 2008.Well, it’s been a quite a ride. I was pretty tired by the time it was done. I have done a lot for this conference. I was the one who came up with the theme “Consumer and Technology Convergence”. The one they came up with in the committee was pretty lame. Then I came up with all the subjects for the panels and assigned them to people to recruit the panel members. I myself had two panels to fill, location based services and social networking.

They made me co-chair for the event, which was a honor but not something I asked for. For the events, I co-hosting most of the sessions as an announcer. I also hosted the dinner program with no rehearsal. I just winged it and I think it went well.

The panels were just top notch and I was very impressed with it. I was a bit disappointed with the attendees, but I had very little to do with that. The two day session plus the product booth were big success.

The dinner host was Yul Kwon, picture above, whom I now can consider someone I know. He has an impressive resume and nice guy to boot.

Over 500 people have attended so it wasn’t too bad I was hoping for double that. Maybe next year we can do a better job of PR.

Well, I guess it’s time to plan for next year, I hope I have enough energy for it.

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