iPhone 3G is here!!!

Well, after my Meetup yesterday, I waited in the line at the Apple Store in Palo Alto for over 2 hours to get the new iPhone 3G. I must say, the wait was worth it. I already had the first gen iPhone, which will go to my sister, so I thought hard about the upgrade.

There were few differences. First, the Firmware 2.0. Well, it’s officially available on first gen iPhone too so it’s not really an incentive for me. However, it’s the best thing they did since the original iPhone came out. I love the app store. It has so many cool and useful apps.

Of the new features, GPS is pretty cool. There are a several cool apps that uses it but nothing cooler than simple Google maps. I am waiting for someone like TomTom to come out with voice based GPS directional maps but I hear that Apple has forbid companies from making such software. Well, I can wait.

Other new features is, of course, is 3G connection. I love the speed but the coverage is as spotty as the original iPhone. Not much of improvement but when it works, it’s pretty fast. It’s almost acceptable compared to a laptop. I can surf the net fast enough where I don’t get frustrated.

The feature, believe it or not, that tipped my decision to get it was 16GB of memory. My old iPhone had 8Gb and I filled it up with music already. So having that extra 8Gb was worth it for me to upgrade. Of course, Apple will come out with 32 GB version soon but meanwhile, the extra space comes in very handy.

So far, I am very satisfied with the purchase, even with 2 more years of commitment to AT&T.

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