Working, sort of….

Well, my friend Jeff from my Meetup runs a company called Sextant Navigations. Nope, it’s nothing to do with GPS or navigation. He just liked the name. Well, he finally asked me to join the company officially and work as VP of Marketing. I agreed. One problem is that the job doesn’t pay yet and my fiances are going down hill at this time.

I am going to help Jeff raise funds for his company and hopefully get paid when he does. I did some market research and found that the product they made did not make sense initially so I changed the market to something completely new. Also, I thought if we made the Christmas sales season, we can prove ourselves in the market. So, we decided to build our product based on off the shelf parts so we can make it to Christmas.

I don’t know if we can make it but we sure are going to try. I do believe in the product and we can sell a bunch but I am not sure about fundability of consumer products these days from VCs. We will see.

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