Poker night full of bad beats

I don’t play poker that often anymore. I do enjoy playing though. I have had a good streak playing real life tournament. I have a pretty good read on people and have been successful recently. I have won the last 4 tournaments I have played and I have played well as being a bit lucky.

Tonight, I got invited to play at someone’s house. It was a tournament style with losers playing for cash. I was invited by someone I used to play with in the past.

Well, this was absolutely the worst I have played in a long time. I was a bit rusty so I wasn’t at top of my game. However, usually I don’t play this bad, mostly because of luck. I had read people most of the night but every time I got a bad beat on street or river. I must had about 25 hands in a row where I didn’t have a face card pre-flop.

It was not to be this night. Maybe next time would be better.

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