Spring Awakening

Today, I went to Spring Awakening with my friend Chris. This show is the last show for the season and I have not renewed, so it may be the last show I will watch for a while.

Spring Awakening won the Tony for best musical in 2007. It was based on a German book on teenage sexuality during the 19th century. There were some nudity and sexuality so I wouldn’t recommend it for children.

I thought it was very well done overall. It had a more rock style music like “Rent” but the outfit was authentic 19th century. The set was amazing and they actually had a bunch of chairs on stage on either side. There were a lot of audiences in those chairs, must have been a special tickets they bought. During the show, some of the seats were used by the cast. I thought that was interesting. Also, one other thing that I found interesting was that the actors were mic’ed with head wireless mics but sometimes they also brought out the handheld mics to sing with. There were numerous mic stands used as props as well.

The music was very well written and the cast members were superb. This is definitely ranks up there, just a notch below Rent.

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