Election 2008

The election is finally over and I am glad. I never had so many phone calls and mailers in my life for an election. Of course I voted. I didn’t have much time this year to do much research. I did it all the night before. I had a good idea how to vote on most of the issues but some I had to read up on it before I knew which way to go. 

Overall I think the election was pretty good. I did vote for Obama and I was very impressed with his acceptance speech. I had tears at the end of his speech. He is often compared to JFK. Now I understand what people must have felt after JFK spoke in the past, such as “Ich bin einen Berliner” speech.

There are many conservative Republicans online talking about how scared they were because Obama is elected. When I asked for a specific issues, without emotion, to tell me what concerns them. No one has. I mean it’s one thing to be apprehensive about someone who just got elected but come on, to say we are going to die because of him? Let’s be serious. After the last administration in power for 8 years, I have personally experienced the worst economy ever. When polls were taken what was the most important issue on this elections, 87% said it was the economy (this was on Fox so it’s not some liberal news agency who said this). So, if economy is the biggest issue and it can’t get any worst, we have someone who wants to change. What is wrong with that? Why not, at worst case, give him a benefit of doubt instead of following an ideology blindly? I will be the first to admit if Obama screws up majorly but I believe that he can get us out of this economic funk.

Let’s see where we are in 4 years.

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