Election 2008: Part 2

There were a few propositions on the ballot this year, some very important and some not.

The most important one for California was the Proposition 8, banning same sex marriage in California. I heard that many of the our of state people put up to $ 70 million to get this passed. First thing I can say is stay out of our state affair. Why would someone 3000 miles would want to interfere with our state politics? I don’t get that. I don’t go donate money to some local issue in West Virginia so why should they?

Well, it passed and I am not happy about the situation. Regardless whether I approve the same sex marriage or not, I just don’t believe in prejudice in our state. I remember stories I heard from my father and his brother and friends who attended University of Missouri during 1950s. Unless you have lived it, I don’t think people don’t understand. When he attended school in those days, it was illegal to date someone who is not your race, let along marry one. Everyone at that time assumed that it was nature of things at that time.

I mean as recent as 10 years ago, I have heard some preacher from the South preaching that interracial marriage was against god’s will because it said so in the Bible. That’s what we had in the past. I would have hoped that that type of bias would have been ended in the US, especially in California. 

Are we still in that mode where the prejudiced and ignorant people dictate the fate for others? If that means true, then I feel sad that we are still living in the dark ages. Today where we have our first African American president, should we live like this? I am sad about this turn of events.

The Proposition about the high speed train between SoCal and NoCal passed, which I would have hoped. The BART one is too close to call so I will have to wait. I am hoping that BART will come to San Jose so I can take it to San Francisco.

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