Sherwin at Ask a Scientist

Tonight, my best friend Sherwin was invited to speak in San Francisco at an event called Ask a Scientist. His work in water reclamation was a great interest to many in San Francisco it seems. I came to mostly to support him but also to help him out. I was the one who ran the computer and helped out with the A/V.

It was great to see a room full of people, plus those had to spill out to outside to listen to him. The lecture was in two parts. First part was about his work with water reclamation for outer space, basically a machine that turns pee in to drinkable water or sugar water, i.e. Gatorade.

The second part of the lecture was about his work on using salt/sugar to provide clean water using forward osmosis process. I learned a few things from this lecture, which he delivered brilliants. People made comments during and after that he explained things in a non demeaning way, which was appreciated by the audience.

Some pictures below from the lecture.

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