Finally, I cut my hair for charity

Today, my friend Nicole cut my hair for Locks of Love. I have been growing for about 18-20 months and it grew to about 12” at the longest. I would have gotten there earlier but it seems every time I showered, I lost a clump of hair. Usually for men, that’s a bad news but thanks to genetics, I never lost any volume at all. However, it seems that longest hair seems to come out faster than shorter hair so I had to re-grow constantly to keep up with the lost hair.

I found out two things about this experience. First, I have great respect for women who have long hair (or men for that matter). It’s not fun to have long hair. They get caught in things constantly, of all things when I put my laptop bag on my shoulders, it grabs. That can be painful.

Second, it took forever to dry. I usually didn’t even bother drying when I walk out the door. It take me forever if I wanted to style my hair. I now have lot more respect and patience when women take time to style their hair.

Well, I am going to grow again if I can. It all depends where I am in life but I will put off next hair cut at least for next few months.

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