Leonardo Exhibit at the Tech

Today, I went to the Leonardo exhibit at the Tech Museum. This is an exhibition of work by Leonardo da Vinci and some of his era engineers. It was fascinating to see how smart these people were in those days. I found some of the machinery absolutely mesmerizing.

I took some pictures there but due to low light condition, I had to take pictures a fairly high ISO, 800, so it was a bit grainer than I wanted. However, they came out OK.

I had hoped that they had more of da Vinci’s vision of future products, like parachutes or helicopter, as a life size models. However, most of the life size models were works of other engineers of his time, except for the glider. His artwork and notes were presented well but still, I wish it was a bit more. Thanks to my friend Dick, who gave me a discount coupon, I was able to attend at a discount price so that wasn’t too bad.

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