New camera, Nikon D300

Although I have no job and no savings whatsoever, I decided to upgrade my camera. I had a chance to bid on a sales demo Nikon D300 on eBay with a full year of warranty for a decent price. And, if I sell my D40x with accessories for a decent price, it should not be too bad.

Well, I won the bid and I just received it with a few other accessories I ordered. I love this camera. It’s a solid and heavy, like a heavy duty tool for a photographer. I kept one of the lenses, my favorite 18-105mm f3.5-5.6 but will be selling my 50mm with the D40x. I would love to get another lense, 18-200mm or 70-300mm, but both are very expensive, almost $600. I will have to wait for those.

I will have to learn a new camera but I am excited. This is my last camera for a while. I will post pictures taken with this camera soon on my web site,

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