Fool me three times shame on me twice

Well, I have purchased a few printers in my life, exactly two of them have been Epson brand. I don’t know why I have had a bad luck but I had to return both of them because of the mechanical issues.

So, you would think I would have learned my lesson. When I got back in to Photography, I was looking for a pro level printer to print out my pictures to frame. My friend Richard has had Epson and never had issues. So, like a fool, I looked in to Epson. I found a good used R2400 on ebay, which was about $500. The R2400 has 3 black ink, so it was perfect for B&W prints.

Well, when I got it, I couldn’t make it work with photo papers. I was able to print a regular paper but the thicker paper had issues. It would not engage the printer.

I brought the printer to my only local Epson authorized repair center to have them look at it. The place was a office space that did not look very professional. Not only that, when I got there, the guy who does the work is on vacation so I had to wait a week before even I got him to look at it. I wanted it cleaned up and check it out.

I got a call that it was ready. I picked it up and asked to see the sample print. The lady said, “Hmm, usually we have a sample print, I don’t know why there isn’t one.” Then she walked away to take care of something else. I was in a hurry so I took it back home.

I connected it to my Mac and found it was recognized. However, when I tried to print, it just didn’t print. I was not happy but because I didn’t have much time to figure it out, I decided to leave it alone for now.

Recently I bought a Canon PIXMA Pro 9000, used for a very good deal to replace the printer. It was only $199 but between new ink cartridges and papers, it cost me additional $175. So, the lesson is that between the Epson printer, paper, ink, etc., I am out about $750. I don’t know what I am going to do. Maybe try it again later but it was an expensive lesson to learn. No more Epson for me.

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