Making a Light Stand with PVC pipes

I got in to a project kick lately and decided to build a light stand to take pictures of objects. I am not going to get in to details of all the parts like I did with the reflector stand. Here are what is needed in general for this.

I used 1.5” PVC pipes for the main truss. The fittings are all for 1.5” pipes and depends on the corner, it uses a different part. Here are what I used:

1.5” PVC pipe fitting 3 way elbow x 6
1.5” PVC pipe fitting 4 way elbow x 2
1.5” PVC pipe fitting elbow x 2
1.5” PVC pipe fitting 3 way tee x 4
4’ x 7’ white plastic sheet from Tap Plastic
3/8 – 16 x 2” bolts x 6
3/8 – 16 wing nuts x 6

It’s pretty easy assembly. Just have to make sure that you get the angles done right with fittings before the glue dries. I had one joint where I didn’t move fast enough so I had to throw it away and do it again.

I drilled holes through the fitting to make sure that the sheet stayed on top and bolted down. I used a 2” long bolts to bold down the top and I tried it with heavy object and it held fine.

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