Surviving Home Invasion

Today I had an life changing experience. I had someone break in to my house, in broad daylight, while I was still inside. I was in my office at home working on my computer, I heard the garage door. Since I live alone, the door should not activate, unless it’s malfunctioning. So, I went to the door, which swings out to the garage and felt that someone was on the other side of the door. He pushed back and I pushed out. The garage door was being closed so I didn’t get a good look but he had a ski mask and dark clothing.

I got smart after about 20 seconds of struggle, locked the door and called 911. While I was calling, he open the door and ran away. What a scary moment. The police arrived a few minutes late but they couldn’t find him. I was shaking a bit but was in control during the ordeal. Later on, I noticed that something that looks like blood splatter on my car, which probably was his blood. I hope it was.

The only clue is that he was in such a hurry, he left a broken iPod casing, which I turned over for finger prints and his headphone. So, I am hoping that not only he got nothing from me, he has injuries plus no ipod casing and headphone. What a dope.

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