How Photoshop saved my day

WeddingfinalThis is my story how Photoshop saved my day (ok, technically not CS4 but CS3). My mother passed away over 25 years ago due to cancer. Even as a middle aged man, I miss her terribly. About 10 years ago, my father gave me his slide projector and inside were slides of my parent’s wedding.

I have been meaning to get the slides digitized and restore them but never found the time. Recently, I finally had chance to use my slide scanner to scan them in. One picture that stood out from the rest was this picture of my mother in a traditional wedding outfit. However, it was in a terrible shape with many spots and scratch lines (first picture). I used Photoshop and a lot time to lovingly restore my mother’s slide in a full wedding gear (second picture). I hope the digital version will last forever since the slides are fading away like my memory of my mother.

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