Keen Parallax Shooting Day #5

object736This afternoon, we shot our second to the last day for Keen Parallax. Only one more day of shooting to go. We met up at the downtown San Jose, front of the Federal Court building, across from St. James Park. This is the scene where the theatre attendees’ head turn in to animals. This was late in the afternoon and when I got there, things were not ready. We had 4 couples that had to be readied, shot set up and shoot and get out quickly before we get too much attention.

As usual, Brian was not organized and too ambitious. What he said was 4 scenes turned out to be 12 scenes because he wanted different angles. I had to argue with him because we didn’t have much day light left to shoot. We settled for 6 scenes. We set up the actors and prepared at the VTA light rail station in front of the building. Apparently, we were too close to the tracks because one of the operators called the police. They came out and we explained that we were student film makers and they gave us a warning to be careful and left us alone.

We were able to shoot everything just as the sun went down. I wish we had shot a bit earlier for better lighting but that’s how these things go. One more day of shooting and we will be in post, which means most of the work will be on me.

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