Star Trek Exhibition at the Tech

object724OK, call me a geek. I heard that the Star Trek exhibition was headed to the Tech in San Jose, I just couldn’t miss it. My friend Sherwin and I got the afternoon off and went to see it in person.

Well, it was just OK. There were some cool stuff, like the TOS bridge and transporter pads, along with a few costumes from the show. However, for the money, it was not worth it. They wouldn’t even let us take pictures, so they can make money with pictures from their own camera. Was it cool? Kind of. I thought for about the similar price, I thought the exhibit in Las Vegas much better. It was at least 5 times bigger and you got a cool ride out of it as well, for just a bit more.

Overall, the TOS bridge was pretty cool, I mean who wouldn’t want to sit in Captain Kirk’s chair. However, not worth the money paid for the rest of the exhibit.

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