New iPhone 4G

object718I got my new iPhone 4G and I must say, I am very impressed. I didn’t want to get in line so I went to the local AT&T store and pre-ordered. There were talk of shortage and it may not ship to get to me on time but I got mine as promised, although some received their phone early.

The phone is fast and looks beautiful. I also like that fact that it has two cameras, front and back, so I can do video conferencing. The Facetime promises to be a great way to communicate but I am also hoping that Skype will provide video as well.

I was hoping for more memory, I have already filled up the memory with song so I may need to cutdown on how much music I carry with me. Also, the video it takes is 720p, HD video. That means I can now get rid of my Canon point and shoot. Although it takes higher resolution, I don’t really need that high for casual shooting. The higher resolution is very friendly to my aging eyes.

Overall, I love this phone. I wonder what they will come out with next generation.

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