Just sold my Nikon D300 outfit

object716Today, my Nikon D300 with lenses and accessories sold on eBay. I got pretty close to what I wanted. Why did I sell the camera? I upgraded to Canon 5D Mk ii. Why did I make the switch?

Nikon has fallen behind Canon on the HD video capture by DSLR. The Canon produces 108P video at both 24 and 30 fps, where as Nikon is stuck at 720p. My D300 didn’t have any video capability so if I wanted to upgrade, I would have to moved to D300s, which is only 720p. I figured it wouldn’t hurt upgrading to full sensor camera wither so instead of 7D, I got the 5D Mk ii.

I love the camera for it’s flexibility but also for the image and video it captures. I capture some sample video and it’s stunning. The images look better as well with 21 megapixel full size sensor.

I am looking forward to using this to take many pictures and videos, specially videos for any future projects.

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